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Rail Transport -- China to Europe

MOL Logistics provides intermodal services that allow you to move your cargoes from China to Europe through Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Northeast border crossings to destinations in Central Asia, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe. 


With benefits by "Belt and Road",  it helps boost the connectivity between China and the rest of Europe with lower frieght cost & shorter lead time. It can relieve cash flow and as a result more turnover is generated based on same amount of invested capital


Cross Border Truck (China - Asean Countries)

China and ASEAN countries signed bilateral agreements on comprehensive economic co-operations. Shipments between China and ASEAN countries are enjoying special import tax treatment.


Our Services:


  • Full container (FTL) and consolidation (LTL) across China and Southeast Asian countries
  • Door-To-Door delivery
  • Frequency schedule and reliable ETD/ETA
  • Faster transit time than sea freight, lower transportation cost than air freight
  • Flexible choice of commodities
  • Value-added Services i.e. customs clearance, packaging