Air Freight Warehouse Relocation



We are pleased to announce that our Air Freight Warehouse has been relocated from Tsing Yi to Yuen Long effective from 4th of April, 2022.


New address:       D125, LOT 178, 179, 180 S.B, Ping Ha Road, Ha Tsuen, Lau Fau Shan, Yuen Long, N.T. Hong Kong.


The size of the new Air Freight Warehouse in Yuen Long is 28,783 Sq. ft. (Gross) / 27,632 Sq. ft. (Net).  The driving distance from the new Warehouse to Hong Kong Airport (HKG) is 28 km. (approx. 40 min).


The functions of the Air Freight Warehouse are mainly for the Air Export, Air Import operations and the cross-border land transport between China and Hong Kong. Just like our previous Air Freight Warehouse, the new Air Freight Warehouse in Yuen Long is equipped with advanced security system and facilities that meet both of the HKAEO standards and the TAPA requirements.


Since 2020, our Air Freight Warehouse has been equipped with X-ray Screening Machine registered as Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF) under the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) to meet the international civil aviation security requirements for cargo screening in off-airport location. We have successfully relocated the X-ray Screening Machine to the new warehouse and obtained the approval from the CAD. 100% of cargoes are required to be screened by Regulated Agents (RAs) since March 2021.


Our two warehouses, Air Freight and Logistics Warehouse, are now in close proximity to one another, we can enjoy the benefits of higher flexibility in manpower allocation, warehouse space sharing, transportation arrangement and so much more.