MLG-HK’s Team Building Experience 2021


The Team Building Program

The training started with a series of exciting games and challenges to create synergy, trust and passion in the group through different types of communication. By using the MBTI personality assessment and analysis, all members identified their own strengths, weaknesses, values and the interdependence relationship between one another. The group coaching session encouraged members to share their experience and express their feelings in order to improve their communication and problem-solving skills. Finally, with the Six Thinking Hats training, the members learn to adopt a more creative approach to establish effective ways to deal with different problems and to develop optimal goals and objectives.


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Message from Terence Leung, MD

Success of attaining work goals mostly relies on a strong teamwork that is reinforced by recently having completed a 3-sessions team building program in MLG-HK. Total 34 members consisting of mid-level backbone staff and management team were invited for participation.


There are varied team building theories and activities designed in the program aiming to let every participant not only understand their own personalities but also learn how to admire the value of other people for collective collaboration to achieve a task. Everyone is encouraged to open their creativity and productivity to build high “Passion” on the work. It is the target to enhance 4C including “Communication”, “Cooperation”, “Compromise” and “Compliance”.  


Some thoughts from our members

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