Online First-aid Training Course – MOL-HK * MLG-HK


On 23rd Aug, 2023, a 2-hour online first-aid training course (Cantonese class) was organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross with a total of 15 colleagues attending from the main office and warehouses. We would like to express our special thanks to our colleagues for taking the time to attend this online training. Additionally, we were grateful for the presence of different personnel, invited by MOL-HK, which made the online training more engaging. This opportunity also provided valuable learning for MLG-HK.


During the course, trainers from the Hong Kong Red Cross explained basic knowledge and skills related to first aid. The information we learned was highly practical and can be applied to various emergency situations we may encounter in our daily work. We believe that the covered content will help us respond with confidence and effectiveness in different emergency scenarios.


We would like to highlight some key aspects of the course, such as CPR techniques, choking first aid, and basic skills for handling common injuries and illnesses. These skills are crucial for both our workplace and everyday lives. The company encourages colleagues to apply this knowledge in real-life situations and feel empowered to take appropriate actions when needed.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all colleagues who participated in the online first-aid training course.