Company Outing: Visiting Lamma Island and Cheung Chau


On 17th June 2023, more than 100 of our colleagues from Hong Kong and all over China including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc. together joined the Hong Kong local ferry tour co-organized by our Hong Kong and China offices.

We crossed the Victoria Harbour from T.S.T. ferry pier in the morning and said “Hello” and “Goodbye” to the beloved “Double Yellow Ducks” (by Florentijn Hofman) before heading to the islands.


The tour dropped by Sok Kwu Wan in Lamma Island briefly to visit the 19th Century “Tin Hau” Temple (“Matsu”), then headed to Cheung Chau to sightsee around the waterfront village with narrow streets and lively local shops. Our colleagues experienced not only their seafood, but also their well known street food such as “Ping On” Bun (“peace & safety”), mango/durian mochi, giant fish ball, abalone & oyster congee and so much more.


Although Red Rainstorm signal was held on that day, fortunately, the rainstorm happened mostly during the boat ride and lunch period. We were able to relax and admire the beautiful islands. Most importantly, even under harsh weather condition, all of our colleagues maintained good spirits and got the most out of the visit.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the colleagues who participated in and dedicated to this joyous and memorable event.