Anti-epidemic Measures 2022


In view of the development of the fifth wave of Covid-19 epidemic in Hong Kong since early 2022, our company has been implementing various epidemic control measures to protect the health of our employees.


Starting from 4th Feb 2022, we have implemented special Work from Home (WFH) arrangements for our employees when the Government urged people to reduce social activities.


As the virus spreading across the city and the number of reported local cases in Hong Kong started climbing sharply from mid-Feb, our company decided to provide Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits for our employees to conduct tests early whenever they consider themselves at higher risk or show any of the Covid-19 symptoms. To further protect the health of our employees, some employees who have frequent work-related contact with other people are required to conduct the RAT regularly.


In addition, we purchased air purifiers to improve the air quality of our offices and reduce the risk of cross contamination in the air. Other anti-epidemic tool such as Nano disinfectant spray guns are used for spraying hypochlorous acid water for sterilizing work areas.


As the number of reported local case in Hong Kong started to decline recently, our special Work from Home arrangements will be canceled effective from 11th Apr 2022. However, we will continue to do our best to guard the health of our employees and fight against Covid-19.